Modern Age Terrorism and CBRN Risk Matrix

Cities have often been targets of warfare throughout the world history, and they often bear the brunt of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) attacks. These weapons have been employed throughout the twentieth century, e.g. usage of mustard gas during the first World War. Furthermore, there were biological experiments conducted in China and Japan in the 1930s and 1940s respectively. Nuclear bombs were dropped by the US on Japan at the end of World War II., while Iraq unleashed chemical weapons (CW) upon its own population in 1988. Further, in 1995, Aum Shrinkiyo, a Japanese religious sect, dispersed Sarin gas...

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Behind the Maldives meltdown: Unemployment, radical Islam, corruption and stifling of dissent

Even though observers saw it coming, it was allowed to slide because the Maldives is too small, too insignificant in the general scheme of things. The Maldives has officially reached meltdown and this has been a decade in the making. The signs were all there, the support for an exiled former President, the unaddressed development issues, the growing frustration of unemployed youth, the formation of gangs and their use by politicians, a fallout between brothers that created fissures in the political demography. This was exacerbated by the advent of Saudi influenced Salafist NGOs and the inevitable formation of a shadowy parallel...

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“A Ticket to Syria” — An interview with author Shirish Thorat

Interview with MIGS (Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies) Interview conducted by Rutvi Ajmera — Youth Fellow at the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies With the recent recapturing of the Islamic State’s territory, it seems that IS’ reign of terror may be over. Ex-fighters are being either being repatriated and harshly punished or killed in action; recently Huthaifa al-Badri, Abu-Bakr al Baghdadi’s son was killed fighting Syrian troops. However, Shirish Thorat is not convinced that the threat of IS will disappear any time soon. Thorat, an independent risk-analyst and author of the book “A Ticket to Syria: A Story...

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